Raise instructional quality across your organization

Coteacher helps teachers identify, model and emulate the most exemplary teachers in their community

Simplify collaboration and point teachers to best practices with Coteacher

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A new way to Collaborate

All teachers can be ‘Allstars’ if given the opportunity to learn from and collaborate with the best teachers in their community.

That’s why we’re building Coteacher, a platform that simplifies collaboration and points teachers to their community’s best practices

Coteacher will help your organization:

Align instruction to standards

Improve teacher collaboration

Elevate your Best Practices 

Align instruction to standards

Our standards tagging engine makes it fast and easy to align all your resources to your state’s standards so they are easy to search

Improve teacher collaboration

Enable teachers who are working on similar tasks to find each other and build upon each other’s work or build units together

Elevate your Best Practices 

Showcase people and work that exemplify your organization's highest standards so that best practices become ‘common practice’

With Coteacher your teachers can

Organize and search your resources by standards

Use our standards-tagging engine to quickly and easily align all of your Google Drive assets, or anything on the web, to standards. It you can tag it, others can find it.

Plan instructions Collaboratively

Coteacher makes it easy for teachers to build units together - without the hassle of planning meetings. Teachers can also view each other’s instructional calendars and learn from one another

Build communities of practice 

Create group pages and highlight go-to resources, materials, and ‘star’ members.  Teachers within the same group can browse each other’s resources and instructional calendars - enabling best practices to spread

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